Ten Most Beautiful Places China

1, Great Wall

van ly truong thanh tour du lich trung quoc

The Great Wall is the greatest works Qin Shihuang leave the country left for China, 21 196 km in length and up to 7m to the Great Wall became the only man-made object visible is from the moon. In 2008 the magician David Copperfield has performed in this extremely successful repertoire penetrate the Great Wall.

2, Leshan Giant Buddha

lac son dai phat tour du lich thuong hai

This giant Buddha monk Hai Thong to start drying up in the year 713, with wish Buddha will cause the river became peaceful. But 90 years later his disciples a new completed the largest statue of Buddha Chinese. Buddha head horizontal higher peaks, foot pedal on the river, 71m high, 3.3 meters long eyes, high surface 14,7m 10m wide, 7m long arms, wide shoulders 24m, 2 ears stand, feet can accommodate more than 100 people. After the work is completed, the river has become more aggressive since many stones gentle peel off the cliff and into the river quiet.

3, Mount Tung Son


Tung Son is located in Central Highlands, called the Central Music yore, north overlooking the Yellow River, Lac Thuy, Thuy Dinh overlooking south, the Son, east of the capital measures connected with salary of 5 dynasties, western mainland the ancient capital of nine dynasties Luoyang. The new so-called "dual economic measures Lac, painted an internal list", the First Name Middle Nguyen.Co painted more than 30 more than 150 emperors and famous writers have ever visited Tung Son, makes Tung Son became the place where spiritual masterpiece. Over the millennia Tung Son is still data to be sharp early beginning.

4, Wolong National Nature Reserve

 Nature reserve of long foreign tour Chinese tourists

This is the largest protected areas of China, where it is preserved thousands of wild animals known festival in the Red Book, and especially species lon.bao Panda snow and clouded leopard. Every year millions of tourists and researchers come here to visit to learn about the animal world rich in protected areas.

5, Jiuzh
cuu trai cau dia danh du lich trung quoc
Jiuzhaigou is formed on limestone sediments region, famous as "paradise on earth where" by the white snowy mountains, rolling green pine forests, the rich cultural diversity of Tibet, hundreds of multi-colored lakes and 100 miles Prince charming picturesque several levels. Jiuzhaigou is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. In 1990, this landscape area is considered as one of the 40 most beautiful resorts in China. In 1997, the Jiuzhaigou scenic area is included in the list of protected areas 5th biodiversity in the world classification of IUCN.

6, Dunhuang Mogao Cave

mac cao don hoang tour du lich trung quoc gia re

Hoang Mogao also called "The thousand Buddhas" is set overlooking the East West. Currently 492 caves exist. Inside the stone house has a lot of sculptures and murals, frescoes and 2415 45.000m² statue, 5 bungalow from Tang and Song dynasties. Mogao caves in 1987 was recognized by UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage".

7, Temple Huyen Khong

chua huyen khong tour du lich trung quoc

Huyen Khong Pagoda, located on a cliff in the mountains halfway Hang Son, Shanxi Province, China, is one of the sophisticated wooden architecture, unique in the world gioi.Duoc built over 1400 ago years, the temple is located on a steep cliff, which combines all three elements harmonious: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Inside the store the data longer than 80 statues; some are cast bronze, some with iron, some clay and the rest were carved from stone.

8, Jade Buddha Temple

chua ngoc phat tour du lich trung quoc

Sitting tied Temple monk Hui Based story goes Buddha's statues. Temple 33 samples with 72 wide inner space 2 large statues of Buddha Shakyamuni by Jade. Jade Buddha Temple also mentioned many with perfect sculptures from wood Frankincense. Prison patterns, the smallest details on the hanging painting, painting of wood, carved pictures la han ... all were elevated to the level of Madness.

9, Russia My Mountain

 nui nga my tour du lich trung quoc gia re

Mount Emei is one of the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, is not only the risk exaggerating, splendid to hit them hard road, temples, statues, but also fascinated by the beauty of its landscape precede day.Duoc earthly scene, Russia My mountain about 26 temples, shrines, temples including 8; big shrine is the most basic. It is thought that Emei is Samantabhadra ashrams of the bodhisattva.

10. Beijing:

bac kinh tour du lich trung quoc gia re

For thousands of years of history has witnessed the change of the feudal dynasties, Beijing has left her with an own culture than any other capital in the world. Steeped by the ancient palace Beijing today also changed the face of the Chinese nation to the cultural center, the National Stadium as Beijing increasingly appealing tourists worldwide .


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