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Korea beautiful country is definitely attraction that many of us would like to once discovered.
Although he is popular, but definitely unique places below are essential for anyone who is about to set foot in this country.
Seoul is a huge city and developer, famous for a modern look mixed with classic features that each has its characteristic landmarks attests. Classical palaces, pagodas. Modern with the busy commercial center, entertainment area extravaganza.
1. Changdeokgung Palace
Changdeokgung Palace is situated in a large park in Seoul. Changdeokgung quite large and quiet, isolation from that hustle and bustle seem inherent in this capital city. Is where 13 kings Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910) live, is listed as UNESCO world heritage.
Changdeokgung attract tourists, not because it is the castle with the ancient architecture, monumental preserved perfectly intact and that is mainly because of the beautiful royal gardens of it, where people used to come walking Seoul playing, sightseeing and rest.
cung dien changdeokgung
2. Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung is typical for art and classical architecture is the pride of the Korean people. Is the first palace of the Chosun dynasty was built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is large and bulky in Korea.
Gyeongbokgung harmonious combination between human hand and nature, the campus has the hall and the gardens are meticulous care typical for gardening art of the Korean people. Today, it regularly organizes the parade ceremony of the Musketeers to recreate the glorious past of the royal dynasty.
cung dien gyeongbokgung

3. Zone ancient Korean village
Situated on the outskirts of Seoul, Korea ancient village restored and intact in accordance with the model a traditional village from the 17th century Korean If Korean movie, make sure you catch sight of this historic village, this is the set of many famous movies. Here, you can easily learn how to live and decorated Korean homes, enjoy the dancers in traditional costumes, traditional wedding performances and dancing displays attractive, fancy.
khu lang co han quoc

4. Everland amusement park
Based on the model of the US Disneyland, Everland is a modern entertainment and most majestic Korea outskirts of Seoul. With many modern game for those who like thrills. When you finish a game, right at the entrance, there will be photographs capture the most uplifting moments of your own, sometimes to float its owner did not recognize. If you prefer you can pay to get in shape, not only did not see stars. If fear thrills, you can walk to the colorful flower garden, visiting wildlife parks or shopping at the souvenir shop.
Visiting Daegu, the city developed modern fashion with charming natural scenery. Daegu also where visitors can not ignore.
1. Mount Palgongsan
Is located in the northeastern mountains Daegu, a commercial center about 20km. 1192 meters high peaks Birobong located right in the middle and many other peaks or Seobong Dongbong. Despite the mountain of Daegu, but also encompasses other 4 cities and more than 30 thousand km2 spread. It looks like a Buddhist shrine as many statues, pagodas and the famous cape that form the sacred Buddha should people come here in large. Park entrance is located on the mountain Bongmu many playground with many games like tennis, badminton, Jokku, shooting ... very appropriate for a day to think nature sports activities.

2. Tower Woobang
With 202 meters high and 312 meters above sea level, towers Woobang was once considered the tallest tower in Asia and is a tourist destination not to be missed by travelers to the city of Daegu.
thap Woobang
thap woobang
A chic wine bar and a restaurant surrounded foot tower, where visitors can enjoy a delicious meal can just enjoying the view of the whole city. The scenery around the tower is also very nice with lots of flowers around a high waterfall. In every season there are various entertainment activities vary serve tourists. Come here in the winter, you can participate in skiing game; visit the flower festival in the spring; summer and autumn there are fun activities, performances and art exhibitions.
Famous tourist city Busan has many unique places that tourists can not ignore: Seomyeon modern center, beautiful Haeundae beach, museums and large Bokcheon Boemoesa sacred temple.
1. Seomyeon center
The center of la Seomyeon Busan, where the focus of fashion stores, cafes, modern buildings. Seomyeon also a destination with many tourists choose to visit the city, where visitors can satisfy the needs of shopping, sightseeing and exploring developing a modern look, high-rise buildings , modern transport systems, proved to be a developed country Korea, simple Seomyeon is the center of the second largest city in Korea, after Seoul.
2. Haeundae Beach
Haeundae Beach is one of Korea's most beautiful beaches with the luxury hotels and the coastal path plank. Haeundae 1.5 km long coastline, 30-50 m wide, with an area of ​​58,400 m2¬¬. The attraction of Haeundae is a combination of sea and hot springs, the mermaid statue, marina ... Aquarium in Haeundae is an exciting destination with a lot of fish on display. Despite relatively high admission price ($ 12 for children and 16 dollars for adults) but Haeundae still attracted many tourists visiting delegations.
bai bien haeundae
3. Museum Bokcheon
Is where many visitors choose to do the first sights to Busan. Surveyed and excavated more than 8 times, there are over ten thousand artifacts have been found, especially swords and other weapons, the museum exhibited Bokcheon nearly 3,000 of its artifacts were selected and exhibited Referrals are somewhat organized way political, military and social developments of the past Pusan ​​area. Museum Bokcheon information preserved from the excavation of ancient tombs and Dhila century Gaya 14-15.
4. Temple Boemoesa
Located in the eastern mountains Geumjeongsan, Boemoesa is one of the important temples of Buddhism in Korea and is considered a national heritage. Ui Sang Temple monks standing by the building did 1300 years ago. The temple was destroyed in 1592 during Japan's war of aggression in Korea, but was recreated in 1713 and is preserved to this day. Great Temple Boemoesa robust architecture, was designed as a memorial consisting of 4 main pillars, pavilion 7, 3 and 11 the monastery gate. Space here is very cool and fresh, is an ideal base, especially in the summer.
Go to Incheon, visitors can not miss Chinatown Chinatown - Chinatown only exist today in South Korea and visit new lands promising Songdo.
1. Chinatown Chinatown
Famous Chinese living in many parts of the world to focus their neighborhood, and in Korea, you can only find Chinatown (Chinatown) in Incheon. More than 500 overseas Chinese living in this region still retain features of traditional Chinese culture. No large scale as the rich Chinatown in other countries, but because of a small scale and not mixed up both sellers and buyers can bargain in a relaxed atmosphere and peace sick. Therefore, it has to satisfy those looking to enjoy a holiday here.
Chinatown chinatown
Chinatown Chinatown
2. Songdo City
Songdo, Incheon, west of the new land is being developed to become one of the ten cities in the world need to come. Situated in the open economic zones of Incheon, the Manhattan area of ​​New York 3 times, Songdo is the great hope of Korea. There are many fine words are used to refer to this city: the city of dreams, city of clean technologies, although still in the building process. There are occasions once you try to visit this place to discover why it was so much expectation.
Gwangju city is famous for the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Coming to Gwangju you discover nature and landscape atop great Mudeungsan of Honam region at large.
1. Peak Mudeungsan
Visit Gwangju, visitors should not miss the opportunity to climb the scenery Mudeungsan hills surrounding the city. Located east of the city at an altitude of 1187m over sea level. Mudeungsan famous mountain with big rocks at a strange, sweet with fresh watermelon, green tea has a special flavor. There are hidden trails in the mountains, the hills meniscus meniscus, there Wonhyo valley with waterfalls and cool streams always fascinating tourists, and forest areas with reed Ipseokdae and majestic scenery, always busy visitor.
pho tau chinatown
2. Honam Region
Wonderful natural scenery of the region surrounding Honam Gwangju is also very attractive where visitors enjoy. With many beautiful landscapes such as national parks there Wolchulsan mountain peaks and sky-high cliffs, mountains do Baekdudaegan runs in an arc surrounding, majestic mountains, romantic hills, the vegetable garden and trees on the ground striking red colors create a unique ... the scenery here makes people feel lightheaded, very pleasant.
A visit to the city starting wisdom where Deajeon though also can not help but go through Daecheongho reservoirs, mountains and hot springs Gyeryongsan in Yuseong.
1. Reservoir Daecheongho
Reservoir covers an area of ​​4000 km2 Daecheongho, not only is the water supply for the entire region Chuncheong Great, which along with the capsule filling, forming an attractive large park visitors. Came here in April every year, you can admire a forest of cherry tree flowers from around 3000 tobacco factory Sintanjin create brilliant spectacle. Tourists gather along the road surrounding the reservoir down to the Yuseong hot springs, running straight to the area kept the ancient remains from the la
ho chua nuoc daecheongho
2. Hot springs in Yuseong
Along the road surrounding the reservoir Daecheongho, visitors will be taken to the Yuseong hot springs. Here water temperatures of 52-56 degrees C and contain sodium, chlorine and acid should xilic very beneficial for your health and create mental clarity. History books recorded that Yuseong has served as a haven for the Chosun dynasty kings. Today this place has been selected as a special tourist area, there are hundreds of guest houses and hotels built here, annually attracting 20 million visitors.
3. Mount Gyeryongsan
Yuseong Gyeryongsan Mountains located just 15 minutes by car. From past to present is still considered the most spectacular mountains of the country has many beautiful valleys and this deep. Gyeryongsan Mountain was selected as a national park since 1967. With the deep valleys and beautiful scenery make this place into a region with many advantages. That's why this place has been visited Saman believers. Today Buddhists often crowded pilgrimage to the temples in this mountain range.
To Ulsan, visitors to the beach could not Jeongja Mongdol in Paris, where relaxation of the townspeople. Nature reserve - swamp Mujechi and Art Gallery of the Hyundai conglomerate, world famous.
1. Beach Jeongja Mongdol in Paris
Located 20 kilometers northeast of the city center. The scenery spectacular park with Ulgi beautiful pine forest where around a white sand beach 1km crescent. To the mysterious rocks, stunning cliffs where you can climb to admire the beautiful and enjoy the cool breeze of the East Coast. Coming here, tourists are satisfied with a rich culinary world, a range of restaurants where guests can enjoy fresh fish, sea cucumbers and other seafood from local divers to bring women .
2. Wetlands Mujechi
Created by the gentle slope of the valley to the northeast along the mountain Jeongjoksan, swamp Mujechi is a unique landmark in Ulsan. Conceived from 6000 years ago, this is very much home to rare plants. Ulsan thus be regarded as natural conservation areas and a nature center management has been established, which showcases images of natural life in the swamp Mujechi attract more tourists to visit, contemplate.
3. Art Gallery Hyundai
Art Gallery Hyundai Ulsan-based Hyundai Heavy Industries is the company to build and manage, and is the city where people love. 5-storey building, with a large concert hall with more than 1072 seats, the theater is equipped art equipment and modern sound, an art gallery, an ice rink and a swimming pool Covered. Hosts performances of international quality attracts many tourists to attend and enjoy.


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